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Redskins Trademark Cancelled

The Huffington Post and Think Progress are reporting that the Washington Redskins trademark was cancelled following after a landmark ruling was filed on behalf of a group of Native Americans.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office canceled six federal trademark registrations for the name “Washington Redskins” on Wednesday on the grounds that the football team’s name is “disparaging to Native Americans” and thus in violation of federal trademark laws banning offensive or disparaging language. – Huffington Post

Both articles provide complementary coverage of the story and a quick historical overview of previous cases which were filed against the owners of the Redskins trademark.

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Representations of Indigenous Peoples in Video Games

Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace is a network of academics, artists and technology experts who seek to create aboriginal territories in cyberspace, be it through websites, games and other virtual environments. They aim to find ways in which media technologies can be a source of empowerment for indigenous peoples, as well as a tool to produce and preserve knowledge, culture and language (via ABTEC). Head out to their blog to learn tons more about representations of Indigenous peoples in videos games. There are a number of articles you will enjoy.

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Appropriation, Stereotypes and Misrepresentations

Have a look at this fascinating conversation, What’s In A Headdress? over at the Huffington Post about stereotypes and appropriation centered around last year’s Victoria Secret runway show.

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Project 562: A Fantastic Kickstarter Projet!

This is the kind of project I love. This is the kind of project that deserves to be backed.

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Alternative Perspectives On Colombus Day: Some Tweets

You don’t understand the polemic around Columbus Day? Here are some tweets for you! The Christopher Columbus slander was strong. Here are today's most ignorant tweets: — Complex (@ComplexMag) … Continue reading

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Assassin’s Creed III: Representations of Indigenous Peoples

You may remember this post about representations of indigenous peoples in video games I published a while back.  Here is another video by Elizabeth LaPensée about the representation of Native … Continue reading

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Why Appropriation hurts people: It’s Trendy to be Indian by Hannabah Blue

This video was shared on the Beyond Buckskin Facebook Page. Go check it out!

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Comics Books Are No Exceptions

I often check out The Hawkeye Initiative Thumblr where people post their take on the ridiculously impossible and sexualized poses of female superheroes in comic books. They take an image they find absurd or offensive to women and   create a take on it where they replace the women with men.

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I want to know how this makes indigenous peoples feel

I found this post on one of my favorite blogs today. This portrayal is meant as a tribute, but I can’t help but wonder how indigenous peoples feel about it.  I need to investigate this!

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Tour dates and A New Video by A Tribe Called Red!

Check it out! The trio has announced Tour dates for the US! Check out their website for more info! Also check out their CBC music page where you can listen … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Welcome to the AAA Blog:
Today’s guest blog post is by AAA member Robert (Bob) Muckle. Robert (Bob) Muckle is based at Capilano University in British Columbia.…

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American Indian Comedy Slam

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Charlie Hill: legend of native american comedy

Here is my gift to you today! I found these two hilarious segments by Charlie Hill. I love that part about wannabees. Rings a bell. Laughing at this humor, we … Continue reading

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I Hated Tonto (Still Do): an article by Sherman Alexie

Kudos to Alex from Pop Culture Bonner who posted about the upcoming Lone Ranger movie and brought this article to my attention. Give it a read: Sherman Alexie talks about his hatred for Tonto, the indian sidekick to the Lone Ranger. The conclusion is interesting.

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Irony: Americans are lucky the Natives didn’t build a wall

I spotted this image on 9GAG a while back. Like many other memes about indigenous peoples, it focuses on the irony of US attitude towards immigration and international relations considering their history with indigenous peoples in their land.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

As I pondered about this week’s photo challenge, I thought I would blog about indigenous renewal and healing movements. I do have several photos of powwows and other events that would work brilliantly to illustrate the incredible resiliency of indigenous peoples, the vitality of their cultures and the healing journey they are advancing through.

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Indigenous Couture

A very interesting video by CBC about Manitobah Mukluks. I need a pair of these!

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Originally posted on Pop Culture Boner:
Hands up if you’d almost totally forgotten that they were remaking The Lone Ranger? Me too. I probably shouldn’t have because it just meant…

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Indigenous communities, technology and the Internet

This episode of Spark explores the way that indigenous communities use technology and the Internet to discover, renew and express their culture.

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Les Nomades

My favorite song by Algonquin rap artist Samian, featuring Innu reggae artist Shauit. I’m always sad that I can’t sing along when I listen to it, but it rocks! The rhymes I do understand, written in French, are powerful.

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Indigenous peoples and sci-fi

Have a look at a post about the representations of indigenous peoples in science-fiction I published on my other blog, The Geek Anthropologist. Also check out a previous post about a few science-fiction shows giving such representations.

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Kateri Tekakwitha, the first Native American saint

Learn more about Kateri Tekakwitha, the first Native American to be canonized.

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What’s wrong with this image? Find out.

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Samian is a young algonquin artist from Quebec. He recently wrote a rap called Plan Nord in Which he denouces the provincial governement attitudes towards indigenous nations. Read about it here (and google translate it).

You can listen to songs from his two albums, Face à la musique and Face à soi-même on his website.

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Kent Monkman

Kent Monkman’s work is visually and politicaly stunning. The artist addressed stereotypical representations of indigenous peoples through paraody of historical accounts. He also denounces the heterosexual bias forced on indigenous cultures by the West, mostly through Miss Chief Eagle Testikle, a character he incarnates.

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Kim Picard

Kim Picard designs beautiful clothing inspired by indigenous cultures.

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A Tribe Called Red

Check out this trio’s music!

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