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It is important for Canadians to show great support to First Nations and finally step out of silence and inaction. None of us should tolerate the disrespect of indigenous rights and accept that many indigenous communities, facing marginalization and lack of funding by the federal government, offer disastrous living conditions to their inhabitants.

It’s high time we tackle the issues indigenous peoples face, starting with our own ignorance.

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Today’s guest blog post is by AAA member Robert (Bob) Muckle. Robert (Bob) Muckle is based at Capilano University in British Columbia. His most recent book is Indigenous Peoples of North America: A Concise Anthropological Overview (University of Toronto Press, 2012). He also writes a column called ‘Archeology in North America’ for Anthropology News and is on Twitter @bobmuckle.

January 11th, 2Idle No More013 is likely be the most important day in recent decades for the Indigenous Peoples of Canada, with potentially global implications. It has to do with the movement known as Idle No More.

Idle No More began in late 2012 as a grassroots movement among the more the one million people claiming Indigenous ancestry in Canada, culminating primarily from what is perceived to be an ongoing erosion of their rights, lands, and resources. The movement has largely been peaceful, including hundreds of events…

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